The Health Center provides childhood and adult immunizations through a variety of opportunities and funding sources. 
Those include:

  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) - an entitlement program for children birth through 18 years of age based on:
    • Medicaid eligible: A child who is eligible for the Medicaid program. (For the purposes of the VFC program, the terms "Medicaid-eligible" and "Medicaid-enrolled" are equivalent and refer to children who have health insurance covered by a state Medicaid program)
    • Uninsured: A child who has no health insurance coverage
    • American Indian or Alaska Native: As defined by the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (25 U.S.C. 1603)
    • Underinsured: A child who has commercial (private) health insurance but the coverage does not include vaccines, a child whose insurance covers only selected vaccines (VFC-eligible for non-covered vaccines only), or a child whose insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount. Once that coverage amount is reached, the child is categorized as underinsured.
  • 317 Vaccines and Private Health Insurance: Beginning October 1, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) implemented changes to the vaccine Section 317 policy, which states that 317 vaccines may not be used for routine vaccination of any fully insured individual.  Therefore, fully insured children are to be vaccinated with vaccines purchased through their insurance.  The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center has been proactive in assuring that childhood immunizations continue to be available and is currently working with a company to allow the billing of private health insurances.
  • Adult immunizations are offered at our cost.  Immunizations required for foreign travel may also require a doctor’s order.  

Please call (573) 335-7846 ext. 113 with any questions about receiving immunizations and to schedule the best time to receive immunizations.  For clinic days and times, please click on the calendar link at the top of the page.

What to bring to your Immunization appointment:

  • Medicaid or Medicare card
  • Private Insurance Card
  • Record of any previous Immunizations
  • Parental or Legal Guardian consent is required for individuals under the age of 18.