Does the outside inspection show the structure is safe? Check for structural damage to see if it is safe to enter the building. Watch for electrical shorts and live wires. Electrical safety is most important in floods. Make sure that electrical service is DISCONNECTED and CANNOT be turned on before entering any structure. Turn off any outside gas lines at the tank or meter, and let the building air out for several minutes to remove gas fumes. Here is a list of resources to help you in recovering from a flood disaster.

Tetanus shots are available at the Health Center – Flood workers and anyone spending time around these disasters need to be sure their tetanus immunization is up–to–date (the tetanus vaccine should be administered once every 10 years). 

Cape Girardeau County Assistance and Floodplain Regulation

Cape Girardeau County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in order for home and business owners to be able to purchase flood insurance.  The County and the NFIP require County property owners that have experienced flooding in their home or business to contact the Cape Girardeau County Floodplain Administrator to obtain a permit to repair a flood damaged structure.  The Floodplain Administrator can also assist flooded property owners to access up to $30,000 additional funds to help eligible owners recover from the flood through the Increased Cost of Compliance insurance program.  Please contact the County Floodplain Administrator at 573-243-3123.