Dec 15th, 2022

According to the CDC Foundation, public health is defined as the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. In Cape Girardeau, it's the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center that has a mission to "promote good health and protect the county's public health". What does this mean for you and what is your role in it?

When people are healthy, they are better able to work, learn, build a good life, and contribute to society. Your health is shaped by a wide range of factors, such as income and education, social connectedness, employment, and access to quality health care—all characteristics of the community in which you live; all characteristics of Cape Girardeau County.

Public health serves as support so that you can have access to health resources and essential public health services. We're also an advocate for social infrastructure and policies to support the community's health. We do that best with your help.

The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center uses surveys called Community Health Assessments, collected every five years, to help identify and plan service delivery, program planning, and fiscal obligations. These assessments are your opportunity to voice your opinions regarding health issues facing you and your neighbors.

Community involvement in planning can pay big dividends in protecting the public's health.

By incorporating your input, planning, practice, and resource allocation can be more impactful at the community level. However, this relies on significant public input and active participation from the community. When your health department collects your input through surveys, please be sure to make your voice heard. It can make a meaningful difference in how your public health department serves you and your health—help us help you.

To learn more about Community Health Assessments, including a history of its results, click here.

Source: NIH National Library of Medicine