Apr 17th, 2024

The use of mobile applications by public health agencies has transformed many aspects of delivering critical information and services to the public. We couldn't stay behind. In assessing the impact of using a mobile app, our health center came to a very clear position—it's important for us to leverage advanced technology when it facilitates building a community where all people can achieve their full potential for health and wellbeing.

"During COVID, it became really clear to us how important it was to communicate during a health emergency, and it was a little bit of a challenge to do that with our traditional methods that we had used in the past..." —Autumn Grim, Director

One major motivation driving the widespread adoption of mobile applications has been the need for better communication and information resources. As a result, there are now so many health-related mobile apps that it can be overwhelming to find the right apps that work best for you. Remember: every app has different features and they all have their pros and cons. Let's dive in so you know what the Cape County Health App does and doesn't do.

Is This For You?

Realistic Expectations. Think of our mobile app as a tool to complement what you're doing offline. What are you doing to achieve your health goals? Our app will help to keep you informed so you can make better health choices, alert you of important local public health notices, and provide easier access to a health center professional when you need them. It won't make you shed 50 lbs.

No Overpromises. Our CCH App will not diagnose, manage treatment, provide personal lab test results, or track your blood pressure or glucose level. It will not remotely monitor your personal health or track any form of surveillance, for that matter. Instead, our app will provide tests from trusted medical sources that you can use for useful personal assessments whether it be related to mental health, alcohol abuse, diabetes risks, or more. It is designed to empower you with information without the need to collect your mobile devices' data or tracking abilities. Its purpose is to facilitate your access to our health center's services, programs, training, and education.

Our Developers Rock. No, we don't employ coders in-house tasked with building an app solely for our health center. But, you can trust that we were laser-focused on choosing only the best mobile app developers who could deliver an application that won't crash, be buggy, or feel too... s... l... o... w. We kept our app simple and minimalistic so it's easier to navigate for you. It won't drain your battery and the app will also be regularly updated with new features.

Test Drives Are Welcome. Even the best app can't work its magic if you don’t use it as recommended. If an app isn't easy and convenient to use, it's unlikely you'll use it regularly. Thankfully, we think ours is. We also think that some test drivers leave and come back when they're ready to buy a car. Will you be an app user only during the Fall for connection to all our seasonal offsite clinics? Or will you roll around only during the next unwelcome-but-probable pandemic? Either will work. But here's a tip: staying continuously connected with us, long-term, will equip you with the best real-time information and alerts that can help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

“We focused on those areas where we had the greatest requests... We tried to make it more than just our website information.” —Autumn Grim, Director

How To Use Our App

On to the good stuff! Our CCH App was designed with these main sections for your navigate:

  • Your Health Hub. (scrolls right-left). This will house the most on-demand services (tiles) from our health center. It may change from time to time, depending on what our community (that's you!), want the most. It'll always show the most current information for how to use those services.
  • Health News. (scrolls up-down). This will feature the best health news to empower you with information to make the best health choices. It's actively updated with a large variety of health topics that touch on every day health concerns. If applicable, it may include information for how to use a relevant health center service.
  • Events. Interested in food safety training? Drive-thru flu clinics? Local townhalls for community members? Health events at local schools or other organizations? Free training on how to manage your diabetes or other chronic disease? This section shows our calendar of community-wide events. From your handheld device you can also register, pay, or add-to-calendar/add-alarms (coming soon) for any event of particular interest to you and only you.
  • Locations. Your access to our health clinics and many who we work closely with for referrals. See their hours, call them with a click, or get directions from your location (coming soon).
  • Message. Not to be mistaken for just another online form. Messages can be used to reach the specific health center health professional (department) for any specific need and it allows you to send us up to 3 files, as needed. These get routed to the best person equipped to help you.

One of the best features of the CCH App is the ability to allow push notifications (per your device's settings), which will be used to alert your device about local health alerts, business hour changes, or other important local updates. The CCHA App is available to all Cape Girardeau County residents and does more than just keep users informed about health services. It aims to provide:

  • Convenience. Stay connected to your local health department—all from your handheld device.
  • Better Decision-Making. With information, there is power—get curated health information from credible medical and science backed sources.
  • Increased Efficiency. Save the time it takes to find answers whether you're seeking our WIC program, Rural Health Clinic, STD testing, food safety training, copies of birth or death records, TB testing, or more—much more.
  • Peace of Mind. Our app provides helpful health tips and real-time alerts for potential threats—providing a sense of security that makes our community safer.
  • Deepened Trust. Connection with our health center opens the door to better understanding the full breath of our work (& the talented team behind it) more closely—and with it, comes trust.

Ultimately, which app is best for you depends on your health goals, needs, and preferences. While we believe the CCH App will be your key to important and timely health news and resources, its value lies in your use and engagement with it. Give us a try! We can't wait to connect with you.

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